Infuse on Apple TV 4k loses connection to iMac share

One more thing just in case it got overlooked. Don’t forget that you need to set up the share in Infuse using the static IP address and NOT the name. :wink:

Yeah, did that and it connected just fine.

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Hi Guys, I have exactly the same issue. I recently switch to a new M1 iMac and realized my “buffering” is actually not seeing the share.

Now I test to see if I can see the share using my iPhone and sometimes it do and sometimes it doesn’t

One thing I noticed that if I toggle the file sharing on/off, it will make it work … for a while.

I wil try your suggestion on reentering my share as IP number instead of the name.

Will update here later.


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The IP address is just the start don’t forget to set the rest of the info for the router and server for static IP otherwise you’ll end up with the same problem.

Don’t forget to do the required settings on the Mac also for file sharing and user set up too.

I’d recommend starting with an SMB share.


Yes, got it. I am doing this one step at a time and see how well it works. Thanks.