Infuse on Apple TV 4k loses connection to iMac share

Been having this recurring problem with Infuse on my Apple TV 4k. I go to play any video from my iMac share and get the spinner, then eventually it times out and gives me a generic error message. Force-quitting the app doesn’t help, and rebooting Apple TV doesn’t help. The only fix is to forget the share in the Infuse settings and re-add the share again. For some reason, Infuse loses its ability to reach the share, even though nothing has changed. Could it be some setting on my iMac?

Apple TV 4k and Infuse are updated to the latest software versions. iMac is running Big Sur 11.6.

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First thing to check is in the share info are you using the network name like “myiMac.local” or are you using the IP numerical address? When using the IP numerical it’s pretty necessary to make sure you have assigned a static IP in your router for the iMac.

The share location in the Infuse settings is simply the name of my iMac, not an IP. In fact, I’m not sure how I would set it otherwise, as I’m selecting the share from a list of available local shares on the Infuse UI.

Are you using an SMB share or by any chance a DLNA or UPnP share?

SMB per the “Options…” in the File Sharing service in the OS X Sharing settings. And my iMac account username, which is what I’m using to authenticate on Infuse, is set to Read & Write.

I should mention the folders containing the video files are sub-folders inside the folder I’m sharing. Not sure that should matter, and Infuse seems to find the video files just fine and I add the sub-folders as favorites on Infuse. But the folders containing the video files are not specifically added in the Shared Folders list in the OS X settings.

I’m struggling to think of anything that changes in between it working and suddenly not working. It feels random, but of course it can’t be. It’s happened three times now, I think. And each time forgetting and re-adding the share fixes it. Maybe this coincides with Apple TV 4k software updates. Just a guess.

Just to check are you using your iCloud username/password to log in from Infuse?

Also, do you have at least one user selected under ‘Windows File Sharing’ in the iMac advanced network settings?

Just to add, you may want to run through the users guide if you haven’t already to see if you may be missing a step or setting. The specific area for mac os is

But you may want to just scan through the entire guide just in case. :wink:

When I add the share on Infuse, I use my username/password for my iMac, not iCloud. I believe that’s what I need to do to access the share.

I assume you mean the Account list under Options. Yeah, I have my account on the iMac listed there, and that’s the one I use when adding the share on Infuse.

Sorry for so many hoops to jump through. Just trying to get an idea of what you’ve got going.

After it fails, if on your ATV you go to Settings > Library what is the message on the left hand side below the movie, tv show, other count?

I’ll have to wait for it to fail again and get back to you on that.

One other thought, how are you connected WiFi or Ethernet?

Sometimes when devices restart like the iMac they switch WiFi bands like going from 2.4Ghz to the 5Ghz band. Also some people run both WiFi and Ethernet and the devices get out of sync when one or the other restarts so you may want to check what network each device is using the next time they won’t talk.

Also some times when a device does a restart the router doesn’t drop the original connection and will assign a new name to the device because it thinks it a new one.

The next time it drops you may want to look at your router settings and see what devices it thinks are connected. See if it has two for either the ATV or the iMac.

Well, the Apple TV is on wifi and always has been. The iMac is plugged into the router via ethernet and also has wifi on. It’s been setup like this for ages, though, without an issue. Two things that have changed in recent months: I upgraded from Apple TV gen3 to the 4k model, and I switched from cable to google fiber.

Okay, I can confirm my iMac is listed twice in my router app—both wifi and ethernet. As mentioned, I’ve had this setup for years.

I think I set it like this because ethernet gives me better speed, but i need wifi enabled for Apple continuity features to work between the iMac and iOS devices.

I wonder if I need to manually add the share to Infuse with the IP specific to the iMac ethernet.

As long as you go into the router settings and set that IP for the ethernet to a static address. Otherwise if the mac restarts it could get a different IP assigned and you’d be back to square one.

I did assign my NASs static IP addresses so I wouldn’t have to fight this with everything restarting now and then with updates.

You can then add that share by going into the ATV settings under Shares > Available Shares " Other…" and entering all of the info there for the static Ethernet IP including the MAC address of the Ethernet port under the advanced settings.

Well, I’ve gone and set the ethernet interface on the iMac with a static IP. Did this from the OSX Network settings.

Manually added the share with that IP to Infuse and it’s working. Time will tell if this is the fix, as I’m too lazy to start rebooting stuff to test it.

Just don’t forget, you need to set the static IP address in your router so it doesn’t issue that IP to another device.

hmm…not sure how to do that. i’ll have to poke around. i have an Orbi mesh setup.

Probably will say something like MAC/IP/Address reservation.

Googled and found the reservation feature under LAN Settings on the Advanced tab.