Infuse on Apple TV 4 with NAS/SMB setup using DD-WRT router


I have setup NAS using SMB through DD-WRT router. I have installed few media streaming apps and all of them connect well to the drive and stream media without issues. However, Infuse does find the shared drive but gives a connection error. No settings issue on Infuse. Not sure what the problem is as other players connect well without any issues on Apple TV. Any one else face the same issue? Any specific settings to be done on the router for Infuse to work?


Hi. Same situation for me. Impossible to connect infuse tu my both NAS synolgy et wd. Have you an idea of what happened ? Thanks for help. Regards

Having same problem with a Qnap TS-212 and Asus RT-AC66U (merlin wrt). Having intermittent connection.
Goto the movies folders. Everything is fine. Can start playing movie fine. Stop and go out of the folder. Try to go back in and get → “An error occurred…”