Infuse on Apple TV 4 - Problem to connect a NAS via UPnP

Dear Forum,

until now i only use Infuse Ver. 3 Pro on my iPhone to stream my videos which are stored on my NAS device. I use the UPnP protocol with no problems.
I have full access to every folder on my NAS device.
Yesterday i installed the new Infuse Ver. 4 on my new Apple TV 4. But when i try to connect my NAS via UPnP i only got the message from Infuse that there was a connection problem. But no further explanation.
I checked the settings of Infuse on my iPhone and the AT4, and found that all settings are the same.
When i try to use Infuse on my iPad Air 2 i got the same error. No connection can be made to the NAS via UPnP.
Can anybody help me?
Thank you.

Try to connect via WebDav. i had the same problem before but now everything working ok. i streaming via synology DS214play on my samsung TV

I’m experiencing a similar issue with Infuse (ver. 4) on the Apple TV while trying to configure a shared volume from a QNAP NAS. I have Samba (SMB) and uPNP for service discovery enabled. Has any been able to resolve this issue?

Could possibly be related to your router. Is uPnP turned on there (if applicable)?