Infuse on Apple Silicon?

Hi there,
so my MacBookAir with the 8 core M1 chip and 16GB RAM arrived today.
Are there any plans to target Big Sur?
There is a check-box in Xcode to get something working right?
I’m happy to beta test.



Moved your post to the forum that will hold the answers.

Check out the tacked thread at the top of the Mac forum about testing. :wink:

My mid-2014 15" MBP with peasant Intel chip will just weep over here in the corner, if you don’t mind.

Ya have to remember you can’t deny the family tree… While the Intel chips may be seeing the sunset the M1 can’t argue about it’s heritage rooted from a seed of the Motorola 68000 and all the variants in the line since. :wink:

Infuse for macOS is in progress, and when available will be compatible with any Mac running Big Sur, or later.

We still have some work to do before the public alpha is ready. Definitely more than just a checkbox in Xcode. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Why not allow the iOS/iPadOS app to run on M1 products?

We tested simply running the iPad version on macOS…and it wasn’t great.

However, we’ve been making great progress on the macOS version, and just posted a progress update.

My 2017 base iMacPro is doing the same. Only the discrete graphics card saves it. The 3.2GHz Xeon W gets spanked.

I have a MacBook Pro M1 and I would be happy to test an Apple Silicon version of Infuse.

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