Infuse on App Store by friday?

So my guess is that we’ll sees release version of Infuse by the weekend. Any have other thoughts?

It depends on the time that Apple will bring to validate the application. I also hope for the end of the week , I took an apple tv for mostly infuse :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe? :wink:

Can’t wait :smiley:

I check several times every day. This is the app I really want. Lol

C’mon James the suspense is killing us…

I’m sure the suspense is greater for him! It’s in the hands of apple testers now…

Oh, i hope sooooooo. :smiley:

Mine is sat on my desk waiting!

Im sure James has a new homepage update for Infuse to post as soon as the app goes live on the app store!

Même en France on l’attend

App review times seem to be ballooning out abit. Another app I’m following has taken over a week for a simple update. Could be looking at well into next week even assuming Infuse gets approved without issues.

Here’s hoping it gets expedited by the powers that be, but don’t be surprised if we have to wait abit longer. God speed!


Check your purchase history it’s live now.

Infuse is available for Apple TV 4 (Germany).

Media Poster won’t load for all my movies. Some get stuck with about 1/10 loading and the rest ist black.
Just let Infuse running for about 40 Minutes and round about 5% of Posters has been loaded at all.

It’s not a naming problem. Choosing a movie will load the infos immediately. Turning back to the main screen, the just loaded cover is not present.
Deleting the Metadata does not help at all.

Not impressed at all so far…

How to chose a different protocol from SMB??? Seems the only one available

No Dolby/DTS sound for me.

ATV4 sound on auto.
Infuse Dolby/DTS HDMI on.

Connected to Sony receiver, no sound at all with these settings.

I find with the shows that the poster doesn’t load that if you go into the folder it then sees the episodes and then creates the season folder and then it updates the show poster.

DTS/Dolby over hdmi not working. Just get crunchy static noise.

It’s brilliant. So good.

deletes Plex

Yes, PLEX decommissioned.