Infuse occasionally buffers when connecting my NAS wirelessly

For the last few years, I’ve had my NAS in the living room with a wired connection. It has always worked great, but I simply can no longer bear the noise. The only way to solve this is to move my NAS out of the living room to a room upstairs. Unfortunately, this also means I’ll have to use a wireless adapter or put in a lot of effort to connect my NAS to Ethernet. Since it’s way easier to set it up wirelessly, I wanted to try that first. So I bought the Asus USB-AC56 adapter and did some testing.

It turns out video playback is flawless from my Mac using the IINA player. However, with Infuse on my Apple TV 4 I get occasional buffering. The weird thing is that my iMac has a wireless connection and my Apple TV has a wired connection to the router. Surely, if it works with my iMac, it should work with my Apple TV! The 100Mbps limitation is not a problem, since my videos have 10-15Mbps bitrates and it has always worked flawlessly when my NAS had a wired connection. The one cause I can think of is the cache size used by Infuse. I know that the default cache size IINA uses is ~150MB or 100 seconds (not sure which one gets priority).

What do you think could be the cause? Again, I could connect my NAS to Ethernet, but I see this only as a last resort.

If you’re using an ATV4 you might try connecting via Wi-Fi, as it many cases this will allow for faster transfer speeds.

The newer ATV4K model includes Gigabit ethernet, so wired connections have much more capacity there.

After many hours of testing I’ve come to the conclusion that there’s no other option but to connect my NAS to Ethernet. I just couldn’t get Wi-Fi to work 100% reliable, for my Apple TV as well as my iMac.

It’ll take some effort but I think it will be worth it in the end. :slight_smile:

(FYI: using Wi-Fi versus Ethernet between the router and Apple TV didn’t make a difference, as it was clearly not the bottleneck.)