Infuse now in the top row of of apps

Running Teathered JB on ATV 6.2.1. Yesterday after ATV crash and restart Infuse is now in the top row of apps and Settings is now at the very end of all of the the other apps/channels. I originally had infuse in the second row just below the movies app. Now Infuse is the very first icon and has shifted Movies, TV Shows, Music and Computers over by one spot each with the settings app now at the very bottom, below all other apps. I don’t know how this happened. Not sure if this is related to Apple removing free iTunes Radio service on 1/29/2016. I have another ATV which has not changed. Infuse still in second row.

Anyone have any idea what may have happened? I do like that it is now the first icon however I cannot move the icon any longer, as you cannot move the first row icons.