Infuse not working on Apple TV "error reading content"

I’m getting the following error when trying to stream something stored on my pc on my Apple TV 4K; despite being able to see al my files I get the error “error reading content” when trying to play something
I have recently upgraded my crappy ISP router to an Asus RT-AC58U; both pc and apple tv are using the 2.5 GHz band

You may want to restart both the ATV and PC since you replaced the router. Sometimes that will clear up things like this.

Also, in your old router did you have a specified static IP for your PC? Infuse may have had that set as the address in the share info.

One last thing, have you updated to Infuse 7.3.10 yet?

I just found out what was wrong.
Despite keeping the same ssid between routers, the pc had switched to ‘public network’ rather than private, thus disabling file sharing


And now it doesn’t work again with the network still set to private

It plays for 10 seconds and then throws the error ‘error while loading content’

Bu the way, I tried switching back to my okd router and this still happens

I’m pretty unsatisfied with Infuse now

Can you play the same video error free using a different player like VLC?

Also didn’t see what version number of Infuse you’re using and what tvOS.

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