Infuse not working any more

It worked great until last week. I have two ATV 4s running TvOS 12.0 (16J5322d) trying to play mkvs from my synology DS115j. I am able to play videos that I have played before but cannot seem to index. The spinning ball just spins for about a minute that gives me a network error, I am able to play some videos through the DS Video app but it takes forever. Any suggestions? I have tried deleting it and then reloading it. I am connecting via UPnP. thanks

Try turning of Atmos in TvOS 12. Its not yet supported as TvOS 12 is still Beta.
Another thing causing this issue might be Synology. If you run Plex Server on Synology, Plex needs to be updated in case you run the latest DSM Version.

I downgraded to tvos 11 and it works great again

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