Infuse not using supplied season art on Alicloud

I’m using infuse for macos, and when I’m reading the TV show files from AliCloud Drive, the structured directory is:
—The name of the TV series

infuse is not able to use my image for the cover of this season, but still uses the online metadata, how can I get the TV series to use local metadata?

You may want to change the directory name for the season from “S01” to “Season 01”

This is an example of the naming and structure from another recent naming discussion.

Note the name of the season folder.

What I mean is that this naming scheme won’t work in aliyun disk, it will work if it’s a local file or a file in nas

NC_Bullseye via Firecore <> 于2023年10月17日周二 21:44写道:

Did you try changing the name of the season directory as suggested?

Yes, I’ve changed it exactly as pictured, and it still doesn’t work in AliCloud disk

Did you do an edit metadata after you changed it for one of the episodes in that season so Infuse would refresh the artwork?

Also note that it may not be possible on Alicloud like it’s not possible on some other cloud services.

Overriding series/season artwork is not possible when using Google Drive, OneDrive, or Box.

I just verified that changing the artwork is not possible on Aliyun Drive also.

Check out the notes under TV Show Artwork

Can this feature be added in a later version, or is it not possible?

Some cloud providers use virtual folders, so it makes it challenging to have folder-based overrides like this.

It may be possible at some point down the road, but there isn’t a good path forward right now.

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Right now you can only add a season of a TV show to my favorites, is it possible to add a feature where you can add an entire folder to my favorites as well?

You should be able to add any folder on Aliyun Drive as a favorite.

You can also add the entire share if you want all content to appear in the library.

Long-press on a folder while browsing to add it as a favorite.

I’m talking about this favorite on the home screen

These are home screen lists, and will come from the available library categories.

Folder favorites cannot currently be added to the home screen.