Infuse not syncing across devices

I have Infuse Pro 7.4.x installed on my MacBook Pro, my Apple Tv (latest generation) and my iPhone and for some reason, sync is not working properly. I have created a few playlists in my MacBookPro because it is more accessible than the phone and the ATV and I expect to see them synced across all my devices but that is not happening. I have checked this article and everything in there is correct meaning I am logged in with the same account on all the devices, sync is turned on all devices, and I have plenty of space in iCloud (more than 1TB free), what I could be missing here? :neutral_face:

Note: all the devices are up to date meaning they are running the latest stable version of iOS, Apple Tv Os and MacOS (Monterey in this case), and Infuse is running in it’s latest version in all of them as well