Infuse not showing local stored posters

As consequence of the latest mass deleteion for posters on TMDB and the resulting problems in Infuse with reloading (or not reloading) of metadata and posters, I tried to store poster files local. The idea is to have the posters I want regardless what the admis do on TMDB.

As far as I understand the mechanics in Infuse, I can combine the metadata fetching from TMDB with locally stored posters.
So “use embedded metadata” is not set in my Infuse app and for all folders I have added to the library the “use local metadata” is not active.

I live in germany, and the mass deletion of posters on TMDB has killed posters on a lot of german movies completely, and for many movies the german posters where also deleted there.

I store each movie in a seperate folder using the naming covention “movietitle (release year)”: “Bad Boys (1995)”.
The moviefile and the posterfile follow the same convention.
“Bad Boys (1995)”

  • Bad Boys (1995).mvk
  • Bad Boys (1995).jpg

The problem is, the Infuse App does not show the posters for all movies.
Some work, some not.

Second is, since the TMDB Poster mess, the size of the Metadata show in the setting raised from 1GB to 2GB.
I also did a test, and deleted the metadata on my ipad, but this did not fix the problem. After refetching the size was 2GB again, and a lot movies where fetched wrong.
Movies I already corrected (several times) So I thing the icloud sync of metadata does not work well.

I use Infuse on my iphone, ipad and two Apple TVs. And its a real mess to manual correct movies over and over again.

Same here.
Since 6.3.5 Infuse is a disaster…and 6.4 didn’t solve it.
I don’t care about new tags (and you have to delete and rescan the entire library to make HDR tags appear…my compliments) I want a bug free app I pay for.

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Same here. White folders most of the time, but not always, on some TV shows and not others.

Complete mess.

What’s sad is that this used to work so nicely. Now it’s so unreliable.

Please stop telling your users that it’s all working, when it is clearly not…

We started 6.4 at least a month ago. As minor releases were released the same changes were incorporated into 6.4. There hasn’t been time to make “fixes” to this problem. Things like HDR tags were in place before this all happened. Unfortunately it is just really bad timing.

I think you just need to give it some time. Mine was bigger at first but now it is back down.