Infuse not see anymore Plex DLNA?

In latest version infuse, infuse not see plex dlna server (dlna is enabled in plex, other apps such as playerxtreme can see it).
Other dlna server is visible (such as minidlna). Anyone meet this problem?

infuse 6 not see plex dlna, but infuse 5 see it. Change back to infuse 5, and works again…

I don’t use plex so I can’t give you any first hand advice but have you gone through the Users Guide for connecting to Plex here?

Thanks. This is plex connection (through web), not dlna connection. Infuse 6 not support dlna connection to plex anymore.

Sorry for the confusion.

We removed support for Plex’s DLNA a few versions back.

It was causing confusion among many users, as people would end up using that (since it appeared in the list of available shares) as opposed to using the Connect to Plex option which is more robust.

If you have plex why would you use the DLNA option in infuse and not just use the native plex integration?

Because I use plex on old Atom cpu machine, dlna is the best option - and plex has a great features (movies in categories, etc).

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