Infuse not recognizing some punctuation

Is anyone else having problems with infuse not recognizing punctuation in TV show titles? For instance for a couple of old TV shows, “Blake’s 7” and “Sykes and a…” Infuse won’t sort the folders alphabetically or give them covers/posters. If I remove the punctuation Infuse still doesn’t recognized them, as the edited titles contradicts

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!

Hi I faced with the situation too. As to me, I made manual correction for the files thru long tap on movie/show and choosing something like “Manual correction” from menu. But what was very important that it was absolutely necessary to print full movie/show name, not partly! After printing full name Infuse found necessary show in TVDB. It was not elegant solution but it was only one way which I could find for the same issue. Good luck!

Thanks for help, ags-for-infuse. I have tried that, but I’m hoping that someone knows how to automate it, or even that the Infuse developers could fix this bug…

Can you provide a few example filenames you are having trouble with?

Have you tried removing the extra punctuation, or searching for these titles manually using Infuse’s edit option?

I have tried manually editing all titles I have trouble with, but it doesn’t help. The titles are:

Blake’s 7 (although the “series wide” image does show up when I go to All TV?)
Paul Merton in Galton & Simpson’s…
Sykes and a…

Thanks for any help.

By the way the three periods/full stops after the last two titles are part of the show’s titles, so TVDB doesn’t recognize the shows if I remove them.

PS This only happens to show folders, not season folders or episodes