Infuse not recognizing movies

After using Plex for years and repeatedly running into issues, a friend recommended me to check out Infuse. Not exactly knowing how it works, I gave it a try, connected it to my NAS and Infuse was reading all my movies starting with around approx. 200 under Other and then slowly adding them to the Movies. When all was done, I realized all metadata was in English. Unfortunately, I need them in German language. When selecting “Edit Metadata” I could select German and the metadata immediately switched to German. All good. Since I had 200 movies I wanted to automate this and found out that I can select the language under settings which I did. Unfortunately, nothing changed. Bummer. Since I was not able to get that changed for all movies, I eventually decicded to delete the whole thing and start over again.

Now I have the problem that the movies are not recognized automatically anymore. On the Library screen I am stuck with 4 movies, 0 tv episodes and 202 others. Scanning for changes or refreshing metadata doesn’t do anyhting. The only way of getting one of the others moved to movies is by selecting a movie, selecting Edit Metadata and pick the German metadata on my own (which I will never do for 200 movies). Interestingly, even though I put my Metadata language settings to German the Metadata Language under Edit Metadata is set to Auto and the Embedded Metadata are selected by default (even though I have the Embedded Metadata checkbox under Settings disabled).

What do I have to do to get my movies read into the library and displayed by default with German metadata? Simple question isn’t it?