Infuse Not Recognizing .iso

First I’d like to say I’ve really enjoyed using Infuse so far. It seems like the best of all worlds when it comes to playing locally stored network content.

With that said I’m having an odd issue with one movie in particular. I’ve backed up a large number of my Blu-ray discs to .iso files and Infuse plays them without issue. However the G.I. Joe animated film from Shout Factory will not be recognized by Infuse at all. I’ve checked both tvOS and the iOS apps and neither can see the .iso file.

Any thoughts on why an .iso, create the same way as all others, might not be recognized by the app?


Try extracting the iso (e.g. using winrar) to a BDMV folder structure and see if Infuse can play it then?

Thanks for the tip. I extracted the files and I am able to play the .m2ts in the BDMV > STREAM folder without issue via Infuse.

Any thoughts as to why the file won’t play when packaged as an .iso?

We’re looking into one or two other cases of this.

If you have chance to send in a quick report from your Apple TV it may help us track down what is going on.

Looks like the latest version of Trick or Treat from Scream Factory also has the same issue. I’ll submit a report on that file as well.

I can now see both ISO files for G.I. Joe and Trick R Treat using the latest version of Infuse! Happy to have this resolved.

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