Infuse not re-stablishing NFS connection after switching network configuration on MBP 13"

This is my setup:

  • MBP 13" with macOS Sierra (hostname: SilverMoon)
  • Video libraries stored on USB disk
  • NFS share in /etc/exports: /Volumes/1TB\ HFS+ -mapall=Michele -ro -network -mask
  • Library Share details in Infuse Pro:
    Name: SilverMoon (NFS)
    Protocol: NFS
    Address: SilverMoon.local

Since I use the MBP for work I daily eject the USB disk(s) and at work I obviously get a different Internet connection. Back at home I regularly reconnect the USB disks and I connect it either via WiFi or Ethernet but always with the same IP address ( After that, even after hours, going into Infuse the NFS share is disconnected (no access with the “empty” symbol ø). Still the NFS share looks enabled and active:

Silvermoon:~ Michele$ showmount -e
Exports list on localhost:
/Volumes/1TB HFS+
Silvermoon:~ Michele$ showmount -a
All mounts on localhost:
apple-tv:/Volumes/1TB HFS+

After running the command: “sudo nfsd restart” it worked, but I had to wait a couple of minutes and it seemed to work only after going into Settings/Shares/SilverMoon(NFS).

Now I am not sure if this has to do with macOS, Infuse or tvOS, but it is quite inconvenient.