Infuse not playing mkvs anymore

Last night we had a power outage from Zeta and now infuse will not play any of my mkvs anymore:

Specs: Apple 4k running TVos 14.2 beta, synology 218+. No Plex or Emby. Still works on my non 4k ATVs.

Any ideas?


Can you play non MKV files?

Edit to add: Did you try restarting the ATV4K?

I only have mkv files and yes, I have restarted to ATV. I even deleted and reinstalled Infuse.



You may want to DL some samples in other formats so we can either target mkv files or if it’s a total inability to play any file.

I’m also going to say that with beta os installs it’s possible something got trashed in the tvOS with the power glitching.

Also, do other apps work with the internet? I lost an ATV to power glitches because it trashed the ethernet port. It still worked on WiFi but it could be either way.

Are you getting an error message or just nothing happens?

Nothing happens – like the file type is not recognized. I am 99% certain it is the beta since it works fine on my two non beta, non 4k ATVS.



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