Infuse not playing back any videos

I have the Infuse Pro on my Apple TV. I haven’t used Infuse in a few months. I went to launch it to stream a movie from my laptop. All of the content from my folders loaded in Infuse, but when I try playing any video, I get “an error occurred loading this content.” It had my three most recent movies/TV shows on the top dashboard. However, when I try to go into a specific folder/category, I get the same message.

Did something change with the way you need to enable file sharing access? I checked the settings and all of my folders are still there, permitting access. I haven’t changed anything on that front. In fact, I haven’t changed anything at all.

Just wondering if there was some kind of change. I know this must be a stupid, simple fix. By the way, I’m currently using a VPN on my laptop --downloading some content. I’m wondering if this is the cause for the issue. I don’t want to turn my VPN off to interrupt the downloads though.

Thanks for the help.

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It would help to know what version number of Infuse and also tvOS.

Hey. I’m running tvOS 14.0 and Infuse Pro 6.5 (3234). Thanks!

Is your VPN a configured for split tunnel? If not then your VPN is the problem.

I actually just turned my VPN off… it still isn’t working. Very strange.

I’m connected to the same network. I double checked the file share settings on my Mac. Everything looks good.
When I initially launched the app (after not using it for months), it did say something about the cache being cleared. I’m not sure if that’s relevant. It wasn’t an error, just a notification when I launched it.

Did you by chance recently update the Mac OS too?

Not in a few months, although I haven’t used Infuse in a few months either. So it’s possible it happened after an upgrade.

You may want to try turning off file sharing on the Mac and then restarting it per this