Infuse not loading folders, just spinning

I am trying to get infuse free version to load folders. Sharing from my MB-Air over wi-fi (mavericks os). Pretty stubborn problem: I can add shares and folders to favourites but when i click some of the favourite icons on infuse main window, spinning wheel starts loading and it keeps on and on?!

Before adding folder to favourites, i can see contest of the folder but after adding it’s not possible?

If somebody has good ideas, they are more than welcome! :slight_smile:

Edit: Fixed! My dual-band modem was the problem. I had to switch atv4 to 2,4ghz channel to get folders open. It, worked like 10min. before connection was lost again. Then i switched back to 5g channel and now everything is working like it should. Hope this helps if somebody stumbles to connection issues…

Glad you’re back on track.

We’ve seen that in a few cases here as well. One band works, but the other does not. Pretty weird.