Infuse not identifying TV shows as TV shows

Hey guys, it’s been a while since I’ve decided to rip any TV shows. Today I added Planet Earth to Plex, and all went well, however, inFuse is having issues setting it up as a TV show. The episodes are detected, but as individual files, with the file name, not the matched episode name.

My setup is as follows:

Base folder TV Shows
Show folder: Planet Earth (2006
Season folder: Season 01
episodes named as follows:
s01e01 - From Pole to Pole.mkv
s01e02 - Mountains.mkv
and so on. I used to be able to name things once and have both Plex, and Infuse both identify them correctly, that doesn’t seem to be happening here though. Any help? Thanks

This works
Planet Earth File Name and layout

Delete the year on the show folder and add the series name to the episodes and you can also add anything you want after the S0xE0x and before the extension and it won’t throw it off.

Thanks for the reply, I’ll keep that in mind if I have more issues, I was able to fix it by editing the metadata for one of the episodes and searching for Planet Earth, then Infuse reindexed, and identified the show correctly. So I guess one option could also be, if I’m going to have both Plex and Infuse access the same files, name for Plex, and then if Infuse doesn’t pick it up automatically manually match it. Do you happen to know if changing the naming would throw Plex off? because the way I named the files is by the instructions Plex provides.

I’d really suggest you get rid of the year in the folder name. That will usually make Infuse look at movies instead of at tv series. There are the rare occasions where the year is needed in TV shows but not very often. If you use the format in the pic both should pick it up without having to do the edit metadata.

Got it, removed the year from the folder, Plex is fine, and I tried inFuse on the Apple TV and it’s ok now too. I’m going to now try Spider-Man the new animated series this is another one that has given problems with with certain media solutions. I think Plex, and Infuse are ok, but Serviio would only identify the right show with spider-man (2003) as the folder name.

Use the file names “Spider Man The New Animated Series S01E01.mkv”

Series folder name “Spider Man The New Animated Series”

Ahead of you there, This time the tracks came off disc named correctly other Than the s01e01, part which I added. Everything here got picked up by both platforms correctly. Since it’s labeled Spider-Man: The new animated series, the : got changed to a -, which doesn’t seem to affect things at all. Doing the second disc now to get the last 5 episodes, there are 13 total 8 on disc 1 and 5 on disc 2.

Here is a screenshot of how it is currently without the last 5 episodes.

I have a different problem with Spiderman and infuse this time around. Infuse Identified the show correctly, but the episode numbers and titles are wrong for certain episodes and right for others. I’ll keep working with it, but something seems to be off here with how Infuse is identifying this show, even though I used the formatting suggested here, for the show folder, the season folder, and the episode names e.g. file names.

Here is the page at TVDB and it has the episode numbers and titles so you can see what Infuse will pull. It goes by the aired order so you may have to change things a bit if you are ripping from a dvd.

OK, yes, that’s the page Infuse is going by, however, Plex Identifies it by this, and this is how the episodes are numbered and named on the DVD insert so that other listing may be the one that’s wrong since I have several sources that line up with this one: Spider-Man: The New Animated Series: Season 1 (2003) — The Movie Database (TMDb)

Well I recommend you stick with what TMDB has since Infuse will be transitioning to them for TV metadata in the future. There’s not a firm date but it’s pretty sure to happen so if you can live with a little continuity issue it should all work out.

I’ll keep that in mind, thanks. My usage overall has changed too. I primarily use ROkU, and other non apple specific platforms / devices for streaming. I bought Infuse during a time, Plex wasn’t working reliably with the Roku when it came to transcoding, and other issues. That has been improved greatly since. What I like about Infuse is for movies it will it will do the Lossless audio on my compatible setup. On my other setup (4k), the Apple TV is a pain to use when it comes to audio, because it doesn’t play 5.1 audio automatically over optical, unless I set EVERYTHING to go as dolby digital 5.1. When Infuse was able to do passthrough, it worked much better on that setup. The reason behind this is: I have two setups 1 is 1080p only, and the other is 4k / HDR10, HLG. The sound bars I use are HDMI 1.4 only, so they can only pass 1080p. So the only device I can use on that setup to get HDMI quality audio is my blu-ray player as it has 2 HDMI ports. The streamers only have one, so they have to send audio through the TV, out optical. Which works because I still get all the standard codecs, except dolby plus, but DTS 5.1, dolby 5,1, PCM Stereo all work fine. So, that’s where I’m at, since Infuse is Apple only, it doesn’t get used like it used to.

So, I may just use Infuse for Movies, and let Plex handle both. The other thing is, I could just keep the spider-man series as a DVD only show, because it’s such a pint to del with when working with media streamers. Thanks for the help though, and Now, I have a better understanding how infuse deals with TV shows at this point.

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Thought I would come back here, and let you all know I fixed the problem. I re-ripped the show, and then named it accordingly to the, and both Infuse, and Plex have agreed on identification and both are showing the show, and all episodes correctly. I’m still trying to get Serviio to identify it correctly, but I doubt anyone here has experience with it. it’s a dedicated DLNA server, and it’s written in Java. I primarily use it with the blu-ray players, even though I can also use Plex DLNA with those, without issues. Serviio simply has a dedicated profile to my specific line of players.

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