Infuse not finding metadata from TVDB?

I uploaded a folder into my Google Drive called Hillary (2020) and I have the following files in there:
Hillary (2020) S01E01 The Golden Girl.mkv
Hillary (2020) S01E02 Becoming a Lady.mkv
Hillary (2020) S01E03 The Hardest Decision.mkv
Hillary (2020) S01E04 Be Our Champion, Go Away.mkv

This is the TVDB naming scheme: Hillary (2020) -

However, in Infuse it is not catching the metadata and has it categorized under “Other”. How do I resolve this?

Edit: Sorry, I don’t know why the photo is upside down. It’s right side up on my Mac.

Try taking the year out of the file names and folder name and then do a metadata edit.

Edit to add:

If you can, before you do that first try force quitting Infuse and then restarting it and see if it shows the correct series, then if that doesn’t try restarting your ATV.

After that, if neither works then try deleting the year and doing an Edit Metadata.

Force quitting solved the trick. It is picking up the meta-data correctly now thank you.

You’re welcome! And thanks for the feedback.

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