Infuse Not Fetching Metadata for TV Series "Catch-22"

The series exists in TMDb, and for the file naming convention in Google Drive, I’ve tried:

Catch-22 S01E01
Catch 22 S01E01
Catch-22 (2019) S01E01
Catch 22 (2019) S01E01

I’ve also tried S0E01 (for special series).

No dice. All episodes just appear in “Other”.

Wondering what the snag might be. Any ideas?

Also, is it good practice to include the year when naming TV show files? I’ve been doing it with movies, but just recently had to do it for the “Yellowstone (2018)” TV series. I actually discovered the solution by myself as Infuse’s “Metadata 101” article doesn’t include having the year in the file name as a possible naming convention for TV shows. Nor has the article been updated to include the newly introduced compatibility with iTunes-style TV show file naming for that matter. Just FYI for any Firecore staff.

I appreciate any light than can be shed on this.

This one caught me too. I used Catch22 S01E01.mkv and it worked for me. Note no space between Catch and 22

You may have to do an edit in Infuse and that will find the Catch-22 entry for metadata.

The year for a tv show is not usually required and will often throw off the fetching as infuse may think it’s a movie. With this being a mini series I don’t expect that thetvdb will spend too much effort on getting it dialed in perfect but the above will get you in the ballpark.

Wow! The one configuration I didn’t try. I forgot to mention that I did attempt to edit the metadata through Infuse but, as you suggested, the only way to get the correct result is to search for “Catch22” (with no dash or space). Otherwise, it doesn’t find it.

One more question: I have always assumed that the name of the folder in Google Drive containing the episodes doesn’t affect Infuse’s ability to correctly add the shows to the library. Am I correct in that assertion?

I kind of stumbled onto the catch22 without a space but it worked so hey, 90% of science is by accident. LOL

As to the name of the folder in Google Drive, I’ll say it doesn’t matter. For now. Until it does. If you run into a quirk don’t rule out that either it does with certain characters or something may change on Googles end.

Thanks for the heads up… I’d got hold of Catch 22 but hadn’t noticed it was not in my TV show list.

Very odd - the show name etc was all auto generated from metadata and is in a folder ‘Catch-22’, mind you all epsidoes were named as so maybe that threw it off.

All is good now - just edited in infuse the metadata for s01e01 by searching for ‘Catch22’ (no space… very odd) and that search throws up Catch-22 (!) woth teh hyphen as an option, ok and the show appears in my tv show lists as per normal for all the other episodes also. Bizarre.

ps attention all hoopleheads…Latest Deadwood movie/show finale is also there now, i named it as Deadwood.s00e01.2019.realeaseinfostuff in a folder Season 0, and that shws up as a special just fine (it’s down as a special on

TMDb has Deadwood: The Movie listed under movies, so I renamed it to “Deadwood: The Movie (2019)” and it fetched the metadata accurately. Looks like either way works though.

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