Infuse not connecting to Windows media player share sometimes?

So this started happening awile ago it seems to be more common now

When I turn on my pc I can connect to the share without issue throughout the day randomly I will begin not being able to view files on the server I just get a spinning circle, I can click on the server and see the file structure but if I click on a folder with files it just constantly spins the loading circle.

When this happens I’m able to connect to the server using my tv so I’m fairly sure it’s something on the Infuse side causing whatever is happening, any ideas what this could be?

Are you connecting via dns name or IP? Try connecting via the IP address of your computer.

I believe it’s via IP adress, I have noticed it does affect my tv too when this happens neither can connect to the server. If I restart the computer I’m able to access files again for a few hours and the same thing happens.

Sounds like a server issue. Disable any and all power saving and sleep features on the pc.

They all seems to be disabled but it does make sense it depends to happen around 4-5hrs after turning pc on I’ll have a look see if there some power setting turned on

All power relegated things seem to be turned off not sure what could be causing this, is fine in the morning then after a few hours it can’t see the files until I restart the pc.

All the files are accessible on the pc so that hardrive it’s getting turned off or anything

Have you checked the event log in windows? I assume this is a SMB share and not something like UPNP/DLNA?

Checked the event log there doesn’t seem to be anything of note their either, it’s just the basic Upnp share from turning media sharing on in windows

My recommendation would be to ditch DLNA and go with something more stable. SMB shares would work great with infuse but might have issues with other devices. I’d take a look at Plex media server. It’s not overly resource hungry when idle and is very stable. It’s also device agnostic so you can use either infuse, the native Plex client or if it’s an older device plex’s built in DLNA service.

How do you setup a smb share in on windows 11?

Here’s the users guide that also has some specifics for 11.