Infuse not appearing in "Open with" list in Finder for .mov files

Having just made a few .mov files, Infuse does not appear in the list of available apps when I right click them and choose “Open wIth”.
Infuse appears in that list for .mp4, .m4v and .mkv files. And should for .mov files too.

However, dragging a .mov file to Infuse’s icon or main window already works as it should :-).

You can do that association in the Finder. Just select the file and Command+i and select what app that should open .mov files.

Thanks but I do not want to change the default app to open .mov files.
I would just like to have Infuse appear in the “Open with” list, like all other apps that can open .mob files, and like Infuse does for other file types it can open.

How did you create them in the first place? Several tools around to convert it to .mp4. I believe iMovie can do it. Handbrake is another option. I’ve been using Smart Converter Pro 2 for a long time.

Not sure why your having a problem, I just check on my Mac and Infuse is listed as an option to open .mov files.

EDIT TO ADD: Did you try selecting “Other” and then Infuse?

I am talking about this list, where Infuse is missing when opening a .mov file.
(and it is not a big deal, there are other ways to make Infuse open .mov files)

When I do the same Infuse is in the list under the Open With menu

I understand, but I was suggesting you try the “Other…” option at the bottom of the window and see if you can find Infuse there. Then after you open it once through the “Other…” it may show up in the regular list below the default.

Just did. Infuse was a recommended app, clicked it.
Afterwards, Infuse still does not appear in the “Open with” list.
If it works for others, it’s probably just an issue with my Mac.

It’s curious that others are seeing Infuse in the list and you’re not. Just brainstorming a bit, have you restarted your mac since you opened a mov file with Infuse? I was wondering if it took a restart to see what apps work with which files. Just a SWAG. :smiley:

Yes. restarted the Mac and also rebuilt the LaunchServices database.

One special thing I had was 2 copies of Infuse (a beta downloaded from the website plus one downloaded by TestFlight, this one in a folder called “Infuse” in the Applications folder). Now I only have one.

What I find odd is that Infuse appears in “Open with” for .mkv, .mp4 and .m4v.

Anyway, it is probably a problem specific to my Mac - nothing to do on the Infuse side.

Thanks all for the help :-).

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