Infuse (non-pro) won't play any MKV files

Before paying for the app, I wanted to try it out and see if it fit with what I’m looking for, especially when the new AppleTV is coming out and I’m very interested in not having to convert MKV files to M4V in order to utilize iTunes as our media server.

Unfortunately, I’ve experienced a few issues and still haven’t been able to even play one of my MKV files.

  1. Every time I try to play an MKV file I get prompted to upgrade to Infuse Pro for $9.99. I’m only trying to play it on my iPhone 6. I’m not using Airplay or doing anything but simply trying to play the file from my main computer (Mac OS X 10.10.5) via an SMB share (which I have working and showing me my files).

  2. By default the app is set to fetch metadata. This would be great but… it was taking forever to load up the cover art and various metadata for each of my files AND it completely crashed my phone’s networking abilities. The app itself didn’t crash, nor did iOS itself, but I could no longer browse the web via Safari, or do anything in Infuse until I completely deleted the app and rebooted my iPhone.

I certainly have no problem paying for apps but I like to see if they are worth the price and will do what I am looking to do BEFORE shelling out money. Is this just not possible with the non-pro version of Infuse?