Infuse no longer “just works”

Idk why but it feels like the whole app just got completely broken. Infuse was awesome because it was seamless. Everything just worked. Now, you have to figure out what is direct mode, what is library mode. If you do library mode things never load, if you do direct mode, things load but library collections are all whack. No way to separate between 4k and 1080p libraries. No more JUST ADDED or CONTINUE WATCHING thumbnails that made the platform so attractive. I don’t know. I took a break from infuse once I got the shield and when I came back I just found it exhausting .


If you don’t use Plex, Emby, or Jellyfin you don’t need to worry about direct mode at all.

Never or takes a long time? You may have to adjust some of the settings depending on your set up.

If you use direct mode you determine what collections and how their shown via the server software, not Infuse.

There’s still there in Library mode for me, what device are you not seeing these? There are settings in Infuse to turn those off also so you may have inadvertently disabled them.

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It would have been a great help if you had at least mentioned if you’re using infuse natively or connecting to a server via direct mode and if so with which media server?

I’ve been using infuse since 2015. Always been a beta tester. Always been using PLEX as my server.

Let me clarify. Using PLEX and infuse was always seamless. Now, it’s messy. the only thing that ever bothered me was never being able to manage how I wanted my movies to be sorted… but the list has gotten longer this past year.

I understand where you are coming from @jpinilla712, key thing is that library mode still works exactly the same way it always has.

Any new servers added however are indeed added in direct mode, not library.

The product roadmap shows that additional sorting and filtering will be added to direct mode libraries soon. Until then using Plex Collections to setup highly specific “lists” is a great solution (if a little fiddly).

For me direct mode has resolved one major issue that I’ve had, when I downloaded files in library mode both the server and local version would show up in the list. I use downloaded files often as I’m on the road quite a bit without reliable internet.

No, it doesn’t.

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