infuse + mycloud

has anyone have this set up? is this gonna work? and how long will be the loading time of an HD MOVIE file from this HD to my apple tv…

That’s just what I’m running and it’s working fair. Once the mycloud wakes up everything works flawlessly. The only issue is that if the mycloud is asleep the infuse app may report an error the first time it tries to wake the mycloud but it instantly connects the second attempt so it just takes a few seconds longer to get started. I’ve raised this question here Any updates on "error while trying to connect" since the 4.2 update? recently but it seems no one has any answers as to how to fix this issue. It didn’t happen until the 4.1 update so I’ll just wait and see if anyone ever answers my earlier post.

As to playing HD movies, it’s great with the known exceptions of having difficulties with x265 1080p. The x264 1080p movies with 5.1 sound play great.

I am using ethernet instead of wifi since I had a switch located in the home theater area. I did try it and it seemed to work fine on wifi but just prefered the hard wired route when it’s already there.

It’s definitely worth going the infuse pro route. It’s a good app and is showing good growth in the features department.

i have mycloud 6tb and atv4, both are hardwired to router.

i have disabled mycloud’s built-in media services and scanning services, i just use it as a quiet storage.

atv4 connects to mycloud via SMB share.

when mycloud is awake, loading any 1080p movies just spin around two.