Infuse & Music - Any plans?

And does FileBrowser or FileExplorer have cross-buy feature iPad-ATV as InFuse does?
Anyone knows?

I had FB & FE on iPad. Neither showed up as a cross purchased app when I got ATV. Had to buy FB again :frowning:

OK, thanks.
So, How is FB on ATV?
Are u happy with it? Does it play playlists like m3u and music files from folder continuously?

I only bought FB to be able to quickly read my home video files and display thumbnails (file names & load dates were useless). This was at first release of ATV. No NAS video players had thumbnails at first release.

I use a UPnP player for music so I can play by artist, album, playlist. Since I don’t know how your music folder is set up…sub folder,etc. I may lead you astray. But I really like a UPnP player for music, as it sub sorts for you.

Did you check out the free FE app to see how your music files display? If not, try that first, as it may not list appropriately for you.

FB lists all of my backup music files by name or date. Since the track# is first in the name, I get 01xxx followed by 01yyy, etc. You can set up a play queue within FB, but it is quirky.

Yes, I’ve tried FE, it’s quite OK.
Thanks for help, I get it.

You’re welcome…Good listening. FE seems like the better choice due to continuous play

Just wondering, is your music setup with sub folders by artist & album? Or something different?

I organize my music on my own. Folder with artist name → Album folder → Tracks, etc.

I want to bring this topic back.

Now that the Infuse+Plex marriage is providing such fun, and that APTV 4K supports, amongst some other formats, FLAC, wouldn´t be nice to be able to play our music on Infuse?

DSD and MQA please lol

Probably get more traction in the suggestions forum instead of resurrecting a 2 year old thread.

I want to say one thing. Infuse is AMAZING. The more stuff you guys ask for the worse it will get. I know that’s hard to believe, but look at the downfall of Plex and Emby. Especially when Plex moved away from PHT. Thre more you ask for, the more convoluted and unlike the original form it becomes. I would like music, too, if it can do MQA, 24/96 and 24/192 FLAC, and DSD, but the more we ask for the more the devs have to work on each release.

Yes, I agree. The more I think about it, the more I think adding music playing to Infuse would be a big mistake. I have at least a half a dozen other ways I can play music. I want Firecore to concentrate on making Infuse the best video app possible. That’s all and that’s plenty. Forget the other stuff.

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I agree with this. Tons of other players (like plex) become a jack of all trades, but are masters of none. I really hope they just stick with video.

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a nice feature would be if Infuse were able to connect to Itunes Match. I store all my music in the Itunes cloud so no need of running servers to access the music

Or … you know, use the music app on Apple TV to access it???

Since this feature was already requested I thought it was more benefitial to use an existing thread rather than creating a new one.

Sorry if this caused confusion.

Can you move it to the Suggestions forum?

True to that, Infuse goal should be becoming the better video player they can be, but I’m not entirely sure Apple would help with that.

Look at the passthrough fiasco, with some perspective you could see that was intentional.

It is my impression Apple wants us to focus more on them and less on the other areas when the APTV 4K can grow beyond their control, such as Infuse.

So the more capable Infuse becomes, the better its future will look.

At this point, with Plex integration and Apple recent support for lossless formats such as Flac since tv os 11, it makes sense to me to implement music support.

Obviously I don’t have the technical knowledge on how difficult it will be and how many resources the Infuse team will need, it is good enough for me if the guys can give it a thought.

Firecore have some experience in supporting playing music as the version of Infuse which runs on a jailbroken ATV2 supports it and I would love if it could be supported.

But I also agree that Firecore should continue to concentrate on being the best video player.

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