Infuse & Music - Any plans?

Hello everyone!
First of all I’d like to thank creators for this amazing app, it’s awesome!

I’ve got a question:
Do you have any plans of adding support of music files? (m4a especially)

Because this app is perfect for watching video, and I can’t fing the same app for listening to music. (VLC sucks)

Thank you for attention.


I 2nd music support! It would be great to have all my media supported by 1 app. VLC is clunky at best, and it is ugly to the eye!lol

If the answer of creators is negative, maybe someone will recommend app that helps to play music via ATV4 from wi-fi device without macbook? (except VLC) (if it’s not prohibited here)

This would be amazing. Please enable audio on the app. And playlists. Basically something like the Sonos app but playing from Airpor Time capsule or any other drive on the network.


Also look at Fileexplorer and FileBrowser. Nothing fancy but works.

Personally, I would prefer if they concentrate on being the best video player they can be on iOS/tvOS. There’s still room for improvement and a lot of features I’ld love to see implemented regarding playing video - especially on ATV.

A great music player is a new project on its own IMO and mixing the two is just adding more complexity to an app that strives towards being as simple as possible.


Plex requires something like server to be installed, it’s not quite convenient. But thanks.

I don’t quite agree. This is a quite simple future to be added. And for “great” new project u can wait for ages…

Adding music to the app would make it more complexed? When you think about the app already playing MKV and MP4, to me adding something like MP3 or WAV play back should be quite simple. JMO

You should try ROFLMAO too :b

Yeah, it’s not just about codecs and containers - although that in itself is a bit more comprehensive than just adding “mp3 and wav”. You also need to support stuff like embedded metadata, gapless playback etc. and before you know it Infuse will have become a behemoth that does a lot of things in a mediocre way. I prefer a highly specialized video player with as few bugs as possible. But hey, that’s just my preference - you’re of course entitled to yours :slight_smile:

Well, to me it’s already a great app, as the old saying goes “you can’t make everybody happy” I love being able to stream my movies and TV shows with out having to have my mac on, depending on iTunes, I guess in a perfect world, music would be added to this list. I guess if push comes to shove, I will use clunky VLC, or just airplay it from my phone.

Does iTunes not do what you need to do.?

I stream straight from either my Mac or over AirPlay from my iPhone…

Do we really need infuse to do this as well.? I’m not sure what you need to do that isn’t all ready offered by tvos.?

But I need my Mac on to use iTunes, I don’t need my mac on to use infuse. To me that’s the biggest draw back. Plus I don’t like the way iTunes organizes my music. This is the only thing I miss about windows, media player kept my albums organized by artist, not by who was featured on it. Is there ways around this? Of course there is, but I shouldn’t have to do it manually. Guess windows media player spoiled me. But my biggest issue with iTunes, is having to keep my mac on just to use it. I can stream my media with my cloud app, but the music and video needs to be in a certain format, not infuse, it takes care of all my needs. So supporting music is not a deal breaker, but it would be nice. JMO

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I have never seen the option to tell iTunes not to organize my music. I store my music on my time capsule, and I have a copy of it on my network attached storage MY Cloud 4 EX 24TB. I can stream it with the my cloud app like I stated before and air play, but having infuse do it would be perfect. But not a deal breaker. So my NAS works as a cloud, just like your google music. And again, keeping my mac on, or having it wake just to play music is lame. JMO

I store my music on a NAS, so I want the ability to play music without a PC (or Mac) switched on. We could do this with inFuse on the ATV2 by playing from SMB shares.

I believe that Firecore have said this item is on their roadmap for inFuse but have given no idea of an ETA. I would guess that until inFuse 4 is completely stable for video on both the iOS and TVOS versions then there is unlikely to be any movement in this area.

So, are you saying there is a setting on my NAS to enable SMB shares, and I wouldn’t need to wait for firecore? Or is there a setting in infuse to do this? Please inlighten me.

No - I am saying that the ability to play music off SMB shares (SMB/samba shares are a standard feature of most NAS sysems) was in inFuse for ATV2, and at some point will probably arrive in inFuse for TVOS (ATV4) although we have no ETA as yet.

One workaround I am using at the moment is to completely bypass Firecore and use the File Browser app running on an iPad to play music and then using AirPlay to send it to my ATV4 and thus to my home sound system. Although this works it is not as convenient as would be the case if it could be done directly through inFuse.