Infuse metadata

I have some questions
Why infuse its not available in website only on iphone ?
Why i cant change the posters and descriptions? I mean not manually I mean by the app or by website?
Why infuse is not available in ps4 ?
Finally thanks ?

Welcome to Infuse,

  1. Infuse is the most complete and intuitive video playback software that you can find right now, however it is only available on iOS and TVOS devices in an App format and not web based.

  2. You can change the posters of each video file by placing the poster of your choice in the same folder as the video file and labeling the poster as “Folder” (make sure to keep your movies, TV shows, etc in separate folders) example: “Avatar.mkv” should be in a folder called “Avatar (2009)” with the poster of your choice titled “Folder” in that folder.

  3. Infuse is an Apple only software

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Thank you soooooo much it really helps me thank you for everything ?