Infuse Metadata vs GSuite download quota

Greetings from Brazil,

I’ve read the page Metadata 101 – Firecore and it appears that Infuse works just like Kodi Movie/TV Show scrapper - it would rely on a pre stablished naming convention to be able to get movie/tv show information from different sources - this info can also be found here Infuse Metadata Source.

I am using Infuse to play my content that is sourced from Google Drive. The option " Embedded Metadata" is disabled. I’ve noticed that every time I open inFuse and start navigating thought the list of my movies I can see between one to six download records on GDrive logs for each movie it shows on my screen. I would like to reinforce that I did not play ANY of these files.

Please find a sample below from the logs: inFuse-Download-Problem - Google Sheets

Why this is a problem? I was informed by a GDrive Support Analyst that every single download row found in my log counts as if the file was fully downloaded regardless of whether or not it actually happened. The thing is, a movie can be as big as 40-60 GB and all that data counts against my download quote in Google Drive (which is not really informed). When that download limit is reached, Google would lock me out for 24 hours, which is really bad!

So my questions are I need your help with to answer to resolve the problem:

  1. Why is inFuse doing that?

  2. Wasn’t it supposed to use only filenames/foldernames to crawl and display movie/tv show info?

  3. Is there an option to disable this behavior and avoid it from happen?


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