Infuse Metadata Source


Can someone confirm where Infuse pulls metadata (posters/art, etc) from? I thought it was but I am seeing a show on the website and it does nto show up when I search for it when trying to amend meta data in the Infuse app.

Additionally, is there a way to search the forums? I didn’t see a search function but may have completely missed it.


Infuse currently pulls movie info from and TV info from

One thing to note for TV shows, is you’ll need to use one of our supported naming styles. A list of these can be found here. Metadata 101 – Firecore

I also use a cheap program called MetaX that embeds that metadata in the file

Thanks James! On that note, I figured out that one of my shows (All-Star Academy) did not show in the search until I typed the full thing out entirely. The other one I am seeing on but it is not showing up in the manual metadata search.

Although I am following the naming schemes you mentioned for most files, that is more for auto matching metadata correct? For manually updating metadata, it shouldn’t matter how it is named right? Or does it still matter? For example, I am trying to match a file to the NY friars club roasts (The N.Y. Friars Club Roasts - I am in other videos and hold down the middle button and select edit meta data. Then I tried searching for The N.Y. Friars Club Roasts in its entirety in the search bar and it says no results within Infuse. Do you have any advice here?

You would still need to follow the season/episode naming style, since that is what Infuse uses to determine if a video is a movie or TV show. In essence, if Infuse determines your video is a TV show it will search the TheTVDb. For everything else, it will treat it as a movie and search TMDb.

Makes sense, thanks James. I’ll try renaming it and see what I can come up with. Unfortunately the series was more of one off specials than season and episodes, but I tried clearing the title up a bit and will see what happens.

So, in this case you can simply use a season number of 00 (since they are all specials) and the appropriate episode number. The N.Y. Friars Club Roasts -

That worked, recognized now. Thanks again for the help!

Could you please also add the possibility of different language per folder? Sometimes infuse doesn’t find the match if the language is not the one of the movie.

…am I understanding correctly that the only way to match/correct manually for TV episode is by renaming of file itself ??

…or there is still a glimmer of hope of it searching the correct database if INFUSE already thinks it might be a TV show based on the existing filename that it was unable to auto-match ?

To the best of my knowledge I have never been able to manually fix any TV episodes whether ios or tvos with or without siri. Depending on answer here, would be nice to have either ability to point to desired database or file rename where read/write share was granted.

Sorry if this has been detailed adnauseum…still a little confused.

Can you provide a few examples of how your files are named?

Infuse supports most of the common naming styles, and a list of these can be found here.

@James, unrelated but I’ve been meaning to ask as I noticed it about a month ago. It looks like TV Show matching is now not just based on the filename, but can now determine a match based on the parent directories, which I keenly remember not being possible at the beginning of January 2018. Is this correct? You guys added #6 and #7 for TV Show matching recently, right?

Directory organization has been around for awhile, but this currently isn’t available if you are using Google Drive.

Hey James ! Thanks so much for jumping in to help out so quickly. Can’t say enough about impression of the infuse team and yourself re how engaged and supportive and passionate you repeatedly seem to be ! Best app experience overall regardless of the occasional hiccups. Thanks !!

Anyhow…there is no doubt that naming conventions for great many of my TV episode files don’t stand a chance in hell of matching when the lookup occurs…no issue there ! the part I’m asking about is whether there is no ability to edit and correct tv episodes on the fly like we do for movies. I can retype name in edit for a search but seems like it only checks Movie db…yes ?? Why ?? Couldn’t the correction search easily go to the other tv db if you incorporated some kind of indicator or prefix for us to type (if demand warranted) I only ask because so used to fixing the movies in that same fashion for metadata rather than changing actual file name.

Thanks for the kind words. :slight_smile:

In regard to your question…the answer is yes, and no. Currently, Infuse uses two different databases for metadata/artwork: TMDb and TheTVDb.

Before searching, Infuse does its best to see if the file in question is a TV show. It does this by seeing if the filename matches one of the naming styles outlined in the metadata 101 guide. If it’s a TV show, Infuse will search (or allow you to manually search) TheTVDb for a match. If the file doesn’t use one of the TV show naming styles Infuse expects, it will search TMDb for movie titles.

For example, say I have an episode of ‘The Walking Dead’ I want to match in Infuse.

  • The.Walking.Dead.S01.E01.mkv - Infuse would likely match it automatically
  • The.Waking.Dead.Episode1.mkv - Infuse would treat it as a movie
  • My.Favorite.Show.S01.E01.mkv - Infuse wouldn't match it to TWD, but you could search for it manually (since Infuse knows it's a TV show) to get the right info
There are a few additional naming styles we'll likely be adding support for in future versions, so if you were able to share a few examples of how your files are named it could be helpful in improving future versions.

Ok…I get all that (some of the ones in question got tagged with production codes instead of episode numbers. Hardly a situation I need you guys to cater to…I can xref with the database to obtain episode numbers because file name has episode name too.

May I ask why infuse can’t just approach a corrective search in the same manner as it uses for a filename and if it sees we keyed: showname s01e01 it would opt to look up thru tv database instead of incorrectly coming up empty in movies db ??

I guess it’s simply a use case that has never really come up. :slight_smile:

One nice thing about Infuse’s current approach is even if it gets the series wrong, as long as it knows it’s a TV show you can simply correct one of the episodes and all the other episodes in the series would be updated at the same time. Manually entering a series, season, and episode would need to be done for each and every episode…though I suppose it could make sense if you just had a handful of files stored locally on your device, and were in a pinch.

I’ll add this to our list of things to look into. Thanks!

Correct one, correct all…good to know thanks !
I assume you mean at a SHOW level. Won’t help me here where I need to xref episode names back to numbers.

Not to steer this topic sideways but I’m babbling away over on “Where does online metadata fetching get stored?” Trying to make sense of what keeps happening to exisitng metadata and corrections already made. Would really welcome comment there once time permits : )

Hello, I have problem with one TV show in Czech republic. Name is Návštěvnící (The visitors) from 1983. On this page Návštěvníci - no problem. Here are right information, but in latest infuse 6 I don’t see it. On this page ( TV show is absent.
Is it possible to add serial or how and on what page? I don’t want to create an xml file. Thak you so much fot answer and for your good work of this best program.

Looking at the name on that you linked to the last letter of the name is different to the one you quote in your posting: Návštěvníci vs Návštěvnící

That might be why Infuse doesn’t match that series.