Infuse meta data storage

Just curious to know once meta download complete where does this being stored if this grows don’t it consume much storage. Does it have any direct impact on Plex as those are very heavy cache can grow 12gb plus

Infuse will cache metadata locally on each device. For non-Plex shares, this metadata will also be synced to iCloud so it doesn’t need to be refetched on each device.

The textual metadata itself won’t take up much space, but artwork can start to use a bit of space with larger libraries. This is generally not an issue though.

Hi James,

Something still not understand for the metadata management, let’s explain.
My library is a remote plex server with 6198 movies and 57131 TV episodes.
When I update my library it takes a lot of time. This is fine for the first time I connect the plex shares so I usually did it over night.
But now is what I don’t understand:
from the initial sync, the following update should only update whats new and what have been removed but almost every time Infuse start to fetch metadata for a lot of movies and episodes even if nothing has changed and if I didn’t sync for few days then is worst…can be 15000 or more elements to sync and take some time to update.

So why this happend if the metadata are already cached locally?

Is that because the Apple TV delete cash?

if is the case any option to avoid it to leverage the Infuse cash all the time and speed up the sync only for the few elements change. Can you explain a bit the cash management by Infuse.

Thank you

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