Infuse Media Server

Would like to see a purpose built infuse media server with a streaming protocol that works effortlessly with infuse. This media server could address a lot of issues around performance, meta data handling and multiuser support.

Plex and emby make great media servers however there’s a lot of bloat and unused features in them and it would be nice to have something slimmer that “just works” with infuse.


Hey Jarvis,

Would be interested in knowing what bloat you see in Plex? There are no forced features and for managing libraries it does the job perfectly…

Music libraries, transcoding, plex tv and news, games, photos, DLNA.

I use plex currently but wish it was more modularized. If I didn’t want the feature it wouldn’t get installed.

Just disable what you dont use or unpin from left menu…

My Plex servers all serve a single purpose (and rocks doing what it does most of the time) which is simply to keep things in libraries, manage metadata and share with infuse… not using a single other feature

I have my settings and libraries down to the minimum needed for infuse, apart from the scanning and fixing movies/tv series…

I have configured mine as well but after spending all day dicking with systems at work I don’t really feel like doing it at home. I also would like to remove a paid plex subscription.