Infuse Media Library Rescans

For some time I’ve had an issue whereby my Infuse library needs to be completely rescanned as if it has been reset but I don’t need to setup shares or set up what shares should be included in the library so the data lost is just the metadata for the library contents, has anyone had any similar problem?

Firecore support had suggested a while back via twitter that it could be because my Apple TV’s (I have two and this issue occurs on both) are running out of storage and are cleaning space - the metadata cache for a library of some 700+ movies and 1,100+ TV episodes will probably take up a couple of gigabytes. So I deleted some games I never played to clear up some space and the issue didn’t occur again for a while but its started occurring again although now I have an app to monitor disc space usage which shows I’m only using a little over 60% of the storage on either ATV.

In case it matters, my setup is two ATV4’s and an iPad with Infuse 5 Pro - I have two network shares (SMB) which are always online and a Dropbox configuration.

Any help would be much appreciated as its a bit of a pain as Infuse can’t rescan my shares in the background so it has to be left on the screen for a while whilst it completes the rescan.

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Started having this issue after 5.8.
Had high hopes 5.8.1 helped but I still have this issue. Also having 2 ATV’s with over 50% free space