Infuse made up titles and screenshots

I’m a new user and I did search for this under Google, but I might be using the wrong terms for it.

I’m using Infuse 5 on Apple TV.

I ripped a number of Christmas shows and movies from DVDs to my hard drive. I had “Display File Titles” off. When my wife and I were putting up the tree and were going to watch some Christmas specials, I went to that folder and found:

  • “A Christmas Story” was labeled “Bamsey Trollskogen” and there’s an animated image of a bear and friends as a screen shot. As best I know, this image is never, in any way, seen in this movie.

  • “Miracle on 34th Street” is called “Christmas Miracle” and has a screenshot in color (on a B&W movie) of a couple that has nothing to do with the movie.

  • The old puppet animated “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” is labelled “Santa Claus: A Horror Story” and has an odd screenshot that includes a woman in her underwear. I’m glad I didn’t just pull this screen up with our grandson in the room so I had to deal with his Mom asking us to get that off the screen quickly! :wink:

There are more. Out of 17 movies and shows, 6 have screenshot images that have nothing to do with the video in that file and the same six have names that are completely inaccurate. (The closest one is for “The Homecoming,” the special that later was turned into “The Waltons.” It has an image from a movie poster “Harold Pinter’s The Homecoming,” which has nothing to do with the video.

When I look at these files in a folder on my Mac, I can see thumbnails that are from actual screen shots of the video.

What can I do to get Infuse to use screenshots from the actual videos and to not make up names? If I have file names turned off, I still would rather see an accurate filename than a messed up guess of what a video is. (I’ve also checked, using VLC, and these videos do not have any metadata stored in them.)

infuse gets film information from the My first suggestion is to always include the year of the film as specified on

So for example rather than “Miracle on 34th Street.mkv” you would name it “Miracle on 34th Street (1947).mkv”.

Hopefully this will correct many of your issues.