Infuse macOS public beta - updated 5/5/21

should I do something?

Good progress!

In macos I cannot see any markers for “seen” or “unseen” in the top right corner of the library overview. As can be seen in the iphone app or ipad app. unfortunately there is nothing like that

I love this app. Thank you for making a Mac version.

A couple of minor UX interactions that I expected to work but didn’t:

  • To match the experience of other popular Mac video players (Quicktime, IINA, mpv) allow dragging of the window by click-dragging ANYWHERE within the window when a video is playing (not just the title bar).

  • In the TV season view (with the horizontal row of episode thumbnails at the bottom), I expected that double-clicking the thumbnail would play the video immediately.

Neither is a big deal, but I tried both of those just instinctually based on my MacOS muscle memory so I thought others might be accustomed to them as well.

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We’re still tweaking the unwatched indicators. Currently, no indicator will be visible for unwatched items. In progress items will have a partially filled bar, and fully watched items will have a full bar. We’ll likely be flipping the watched/unwatched status, so unwatched items have a full bar.
Screen Shot 2021-03-08 at 9.11.27 AM

As we discussing the watched / unwatched indicator, on Apple TV, do you plan to support profiles ? as the watch status can be different? Or maybe the number of time a movie as been watch?

Multi-user profiles isn’t planned for 7.0, but it’s something that is interesting to us.

Probably best to follow this thread.

Hi There,
Is it going to be possible to control volume with the up/down arrow keys?
You’re doing a great job! Again…

Gr Coen

I found that every time I play the movie I downloaded in emby, I can’t do anything, such as fast forward, adjust the volume, and pause the video, and a rainbow-colored circle appears to be spinning. It’s necessary to end the software forcibly.

Can you tap the Email Us option found in Settings, and post the 5 digit code it gives you?

The macOS version default language subtitle is not working for embedded multiple subtitles (ex: Default Traditional Chinese)
However, the ios version can pick the right language for default.

James hello,

o.k., sounds like a solution and sounds good!

But the progress bar in the photo in the overview for the series appears much too pale in my opinion.
It would be great if you could make the color clearer and richer in the overview. As can be seen much better in the films!
Thank you

Infuse 2021-03-10 14-35-51


Infuse 2021-03-10 14-45-24

Hi there. No idea if this has already been discussed, but there are just too many contributions to read through. The corresponding collections to a movie are not shown on the movie overview, although collections are activated in the settings and work fine in the library. Would be nice to see linked movies like on Apple TV Infuse.

(Also: It would be really nice (on all platforms) to see all linked movies through collections not just the ones of the first collection of a movie. For example I have Wonder Woman in a collection called DC Extended Universe but also in a collection called Wonder Woman since there are multiple movies of it. I would like to see all linked movies from the first collection, then right underneath, the next collection, and so on - maybe optional through settings (like show only the first collection of each movie or show all collections))

I love Infuse very very much by the way! An absolut great piece of software…

New macOS build is up! :smiley:

See first post for details.

The search bar at the top of the thread can select just this thread to search through so it makes it easy to see if others have encountered this and if it’s been acknowledged as an issue or if the problem is to be ignored until a future build.

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Great! Is there a quicker way to get to the download link? The email with the announcement of the new beta links to the announcement post, which in this case is on page 393 of the topic. You have to scroll back through 393 pages to get to the post with the link to the download link. It takes a long time as some pages take time to display before you can continue to scroll back to the 1st post.

Or maybe there is another way that I am missing?

The download page is the same for all builds, so you can bookmark it for easy access.

Also, a little forum trick. You can get back to the first post by tapping the title at the top of the page. :wink:

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Ok. I think you can also klick on the slidebar on the right side where you can see the numbers of the posts. …/…
Then you can scroll very fast with a clicked mouse button and move the slider to the position wherever you want. Either to the beginning or the end. Whatever you want.

I hope I have understood your problem exactly

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Anyone else having issues with Infuse Beta updating. No problems across any other devices like Apple TV, iPhone or iPad, just the Infuse App on the iMac and Laptop.

I even left it open for say 30 mins just to see if it would update…Nope, no go. It used too, just not lately.

Can you elaborate on what you’re seeing?

FWIW, iCloud sync won’t work in the macOS version and the current App Store version of Infuse for iOS/tvOS.