Infuse macOS public beta - updated 5/5/21

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On both Mac Mini M1 and iMac, libraries are not updating. Also, initially, I did not have the delete basket for metadata covered ,but now it is - see image

Liking all the progress. Should be nice and polished when ready for the masses.

Can’t wait

I am glad to notice the alpha is going better after each iteration. Secondary display is supported now. I just bought an HomePod mini and have found it is not supported by infuse as an airplay speaker.

Thanks switching back to V9 and enabling Plex then updating to V10 - that did the trick.

Still not sure if it is InFuse or Plex but all of my infuse devices were acting strangely (not updating not syncing) I switched to Emby and things seem much better all around.

Feature request - it would be great to have the letters of the alphabet running down the side in the browsing window. It is a slow process to get to the video you want to see if it starts with a letter late in the alphabet.


Hi James, not sure this is even possible, but IF a person was to say have a HDHomeRun (network attached digital tuner) on the home network, would it be possible to view Live TV as an option within Infuse?.

Hi there,
I don’t know if it is just me ( Macbook Pro 15 2017 - MyCloud EX2 Ultra NAS - 4G+ Connection ) but The download of artworks and images is still super slow.
Also ( Feature request ) it would be nice to have some kind of spinner or UI notification for when the App is fetching / updating data.
Thanks for all the hard work.

Hello, thank you for your effort, I found a garbled error Macos11.2.2 infuse 3474

There is also a suggestion whether to increase the choice of fhd and uhd?

OK, so maybe I have missed this in a setting someplace, but not sure.

So, when I am watching a Season, and I finish an episode within that Season it automatically starts the next episode, which is great, perfect, exactly what I want it to do.

BUT…when I finish the last episode of whatever Season I am watching it does not automatically start Episode one of the next Season, PLEX does this easily, and it would be great if Infuse could do this as well.

Maybe it does, just can’t figure out where I would set that. Can this be done using Infuse.

Thoughts anyone.

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New alpha 12 build is up. :smiley:

Hi James, I call testers_macos, how can I experience mac version of infuse

hi, thanks :slight_smile:
but still no way too add local folders from hard drives :frowning:
at this point is useless , in my case :frowning:

See the link at the bottom of the first post.

Still in progress…

I have already applied, but I haven’t received a reply

Have you tried to DL the latest build in the first post in this thread?

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Hi Guys, new to infuse. Just a couple of questions

  • how do I mark an entire tv-show as watched, currently I have to do that per season
  • how do I change thshow and season art, I can’t find any option for that
  • Why are you not using right click ability on a tv-show for more options ? like (un)watched / art / info
  • Is it posible to make you own movie collections (yes I know I can do playlists)
  • How to change movie and movieset art (same question)
  • the settings menu is gone from the main screen in 7.0 348
  • synchronisation has no options
  • Where can I disable not sorting on “The” so The Spiderman is not at the T but at the S, like Spiderman, The

Thanks for your time

Hi Internetter,
a couple of answers:

*There is no way (yet) to mark a show as watched. Don’t Know if they’re going to make it, make a post for a suggestion.
*you can use your own metadata, look in settings
*I can’t answer this one
*I can’t answer this one
*I can’t answer this one
*The settings is now under Infuse>Preferences in the … Mac menubar.
*yep, looks like a bug, someone post it so… we have to wait
*don’t know the answer

have a nice day.
Sorry I don’t have all the answers

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Unable to load content from Google Drive. Infuse could list the files in my cloud drive but could not play it.

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