Infuse macOS public beta - updated 5/5/21

Will it possible to add in the settings the options to change the app icon just like in iOS version.

Thank you.


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Hi there!

I’m using the alpha 8 build on my Macbook Pro Early 2015 running Big Sur 11.1. I noticed that the video playback is very choppy on my Mac, almost like the frames per second are not right. I have noticed this with both 1080p videos and 4K Remux videos. My videos are stored on a Synology NAS. The videos do not have issues loading – it’s just the playback. I have not encountered these issues playing the same videos on my iPhone 8 nor on my iPad Pro.

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It may help to submit a diagnostic.

Same here on my MBP 2015 15“ without dedicated graphics. Issues exists since Alpha 1.

Alpha 9 with fixes for audio processing is now available. :slight_smile:

Looks amazing so far. The ‘favorite.jpg’ images aren’t displaying the greatest on macos (cropped and zoomed compared to ios). Do they need a different file name (like atv) or does the image need to be optimised for mac? (or is this feature just not implemented yet?) Sorry if this has been explained earlier

Code = BHSRP

I am connected to a Plex Server on a Synology NAS. I have two folders both checked as favorites in the library. The TV shows show up perfectly. The movies do not show up when they are selected as “An Error Occurred”

I have noticed that Infuse on my Apple TV now gives me an error “Indexing Failed” when I scan for changes.

This has happened in the past few builds.

Spiderman 2, Avengers Endgame, and Coco are now playing with no audio problems. Can’t believe how fast you fixed it!

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Finally updated to Big Sur and started testing over the last two betas. Here are my notes I took while testing.



  • Add live search (update as you type)
  • After clicking to clear search, go back to last visited “page”


  • Remove from sidebar
  • Add a button to open window
  • Cmd+, shortcut


  • In general it is too cluttered and somewhat redundant. Would like to see this completely removed or an option to hide it.
  • Add icons to sidebar
  • Add more items at the top menu besides movies/tv shows/other
  • Add files/Favorites/Shares option not available under Files Sidebar option (integrate or add new sidebar item)
  • What is listed under Library->Movies only matches what is visible in main view. Why not include everything that ATV has under Movies or TV Shows which is somewhat included with Browse



  • No way to add favorite from library screen
  • Add Get Info to context menu of a movie → show more details than normal page without having to “open” the movie
  • Add separator to context menu (for at least Delete, but others too)
  • Need to highlight movies you are hovering over so you know which ones is selected with right click, at least
  • Watched banner is too thick.
  • Show more in each favorite and allow scrolling sideways to see more
  • Click on favorite header to See All

Global options

  • Tooltips over buttons and movies (show titles)
  • Swiping left to swipe back (like browser history)


  • Prevent resizing the window when starting a movie or at least keep one dimension the same (width)
  • Allow video player to always open in fullscreen, but keep Infuse library window not in fullscreen
  • Swipe over volume control to adjust
  • PIP open/close sometimes resumes the video if it was paused

After I installed it , it added automatically the Emby server that I have synced on my cloud’s profile, like in the iPad or Apple TV, but not my Plex server. Is that normal and should I add it manually?

I just added it manually and it shows now.
So far so good, the playback is working great so far on a new Mac Mini using Big Sur.
The only thing I noticed is that it is not scanning collections in Emby.
I will be reporting all that I find when testing.

I’ve been longing for this forever! Can’t wait!


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Alpha 10 is now available! :smiley:

:ok_hand: testing on 11.3 beta 2 :wink:

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Thanks in advance - where are the downloads for these alpha versions?

Signup and download info is near the bottom of the first post. :slight_smile:

Code: K8FRR

Just Downloaded Alpha 10

When it was opened there was no PLEX connection. Adding Plex took me to the Plex web page for authorization which was successful. Infuse then crashes immediately after this.

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