Infuse macOS public beta - updated 5/5/21

Great job. Cannot wait.

Great work! But I still looking forward to PIP subtitles support & repairing the HomePod Airplay issue.

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I also tend to the (old) circle style instead of the line at the bottom. But at the end this is an aesthetic point open to debate.

Yes, you are right, it is open to opinion. I just think it far easier to ascertain the status of the library and individual Season and Shows at a glance with the Upper right notification than the bar. To me it is instantaneous. Right now, I have to click each episode to see if it is watched or not. That is not the case say on the Apple TV, I select a Season which in turn displays all that episodes for that Season, and at a glance in can see what is watched, unwatched or partially watched. I cannot do that currently with this software.

Will it stop me using it, no, but it would be better I think, my view of course, others will/may differ.

Mac isn’t syncing status with iOS/tvOS. I did a refresh.

Also do you want any feedback on design/aesthetics/etc or just go for bugs and functionality at this point?

As you’ll see on the attachment, it gets sometimes difficult to “filter” a movie/media that I have downloaded, however not yet watched.

I therefore propose to embed a mark under these three dots at the very upper right corner that would show only the “unwatched” one’s in a folder when triggered?

(Attachment Movie Selection.pdf is missing)

Sorry, I see no attachment.?

Noticed that quiting infuse while a video is paused doesn’t actually quit the application.

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Alpha 8 is up and ready for testing. :smiley:

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Is there a way to make the seek buttons symetrical? Currently it seems like the forward button is 30s and the backward button is 10s?


It looks like the link is private now. How can I download it?

Please check to ensure you’re logged in before downloading. :slight_smile:

Zrzut ekranu 2021-02-14 o 20.01.52|690x431
i have an error in polish translation. no trash icon on metadata clear icon.
Big sur latest beta.

Hy @shelby_cobra_se.

This problem has already been reported. Like some text overlap issues.
To add a bit of precision for developers, the trash can icon is normal when the application is first launched, then after changing the window the problem occurs.

@james A list of current bugs would be cool to avoid repeating too much ;).

Oups, thx @NC_Bullseye :slight_smile:

#C’estPasFaux (pour les francophones Fan de Kaamelott)

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Check the first post


it’s not first time i used it . i try reset macbook. it’s not a first time need :wink:

If I try to select my HomePod Mini as audio source on my MacBook Pro while watching something on Alpha 8, it gives a content error. The moment I switch back to MacBook audio, it’ll play the content