Infuse macOS public beta - updated 5/5/21

Would it be possible to have default audio and subtitle settings specific for a show or season ?

Or better still a default that says, no subtitles, or auto.

Auto subtitle choosing already exists.

Anyway, +1 to the suggestion of setting per-season default subtitles and audio tracks.

This subtitles option by season will be great … allow we to remove subtitles for the language I’m speaking …

A new alpha 6 build is now available for testing. :slight_smile:

Please see the first post for a list of changes.

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How do you balance power with performance on MacBooks? I would think we would want to use integrated graphics whenever we can.

There is of course some careful handing, so it’s not an all or nothing thing. :slight_smile:

At lease one positive report so far.

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Scrolling (using the mouse wheel) through the library in “list view” doesn’t work here with Alpha 5 and 6: If the cursor is within the description column, scrolling doesn’t work at all. If it is within the cover column, scrolling works but the descriptions are disappearing with just one remaining line of text. I’m using Infuse on Big Sur 11.1.

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Hy @james ,

Some graphics bug steel present in Alpha6 in FullScreen mode

Thanks for work.

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Feature Requests

Casting - Cast to another device using AirPlay or Chromecast.

Play from URL - It would be absolutely awesome if you allowed playing from a URL. You insert the URL, it searches from a video and asks if that’s the one you want to play and boom it’s playing in Infuse with all InFuse features.

By the way loving the app. It’s working well on local files and Plex streaming.


  1. When connect to HomePod, can not play any content.
  2. Picture in Picture mode: pause not work, content keeps playing in background


  • Add a dedicated subtitle button on player control. Right now switch subtitle is too much steps: click settings icon - scroll down to substitles - select subtitle - close the settings.

OS: macOS Big Sur v11.1 (Intel version)
App: alpha6

This may help

Is it possible to show filename in thumbnail mode? Thanks

Also, possible for two finger scrubbing with the trackpad?

I tried to sign up just now for the Alpha testing but it took me to a page that is no longer live. How can I sign up to be an Alpha Tester? Been waiting for this for years, thought I already was on some list, found out about it just now (been busy moving to a new country the past couple months.) Please help! I want in!

Did you follow the instructions in the first post?

Newbie here, just downloaded this beta version (alpha 6) and I have to say already really impressed.

Feels very stable. Good clean focused interface/controls.

Thanks to all.


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I’m so excited for the macOS version, it’s so amazing! but here is a small problem.

Ref ticket 8JF11

Getting a lot of “An error occurred” messages when trying to play a video. Some videos in the same location play fine, but most throw this error. When I try to play a file that throws the error on the Mac on my iPhone or iPad, it works fine.

I did select iCloud Sync on, so not sure if it’s perhaps updating in the background?

When it does work, though, it works wonderfully :grinning:

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Alpha 7 is now available. :slight_smile:

Release notes in first post.

Hi James, really liking the direction of this software. I was wondering, is it possible, say when viewing your Seasons that we could have the circle in the top right showing what has been viewed or partially viewed like we have in the iPad, Apple TV apps.

This software just seems to show the line at the bottom. The other way is a lot more intuitive as to what has been played or not played in my opinion, but I guess others may not see it this way.

Doing this, would keep it in line and standard across all devices and computers.

Just a suggestion.

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