Infuse macOS public beta - updated 5/5/21

perfect… got it… KWMHC


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On latest beta, I’ve noticed that my added FTP share forgets password from time to time, so I need to re-enter it every time to sync.

BTW, crash while clicking preferences is fixed, thx a lot!

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Stuck on episodes’ slider

Not sure why but sometimes when I add new episode to existing serie, slider for all episodes crash. Before I added the new episode, I had all episodes visible. Then I refreshed the library and I stuck on episodes 11-12. Arrows are clickable (I have effect of clicks) but nothing happens.

When I force quit the application (⌘Q) and open again the same serie, all episode are visible.

Doubled episode

Another problem with this serie is that I have 01-12 episodes (you can see that in the Finder) but Infuse doubles episode number 11. It happens only within this one serie.

When trying to open video file using screen mirroring on a separate display (airplay not available) I get “an error occured when loading this content” (( Will the airplay be available?

Regarding intermittent connections, I have the same thing on my side, except that on my side it concerns connections on my NAS server (Synology) via SMB3.

The IP indicated in the log of my NAS shows that it is my mac that regularly connects to my video sharing folder (even when Infuse is not running).
If I delete the share in Infuse, no more connections.

For information, I am French, excuse me for my poor level of English ^^

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About the doubled episode, could u provide more details? Are you using the folder with local or online metadata? Did u removed or added episodes after metadata fetching? Have u tried deleting metadata cache? I guess that those info could help James to find a solution and improve the app performance.

Could you please add a fix so that the width of the menu sidebar remains the same after each launch of the app? I like to make it as narrow as possible on my MacBook Air but then when I relaunch the app, the width reverts to the default and I have to adjust it again.

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Are you using the folder with local or online metadata?

I added folder using MacOS’ SMB protocol (the same way I use folder on iPhone). When I right click on my source, I see option “Use local metadata” (I see translation of this one so I am not sure of the original label) so I assume my metadata aren’t offline.

Did u removed or added episodes after metadata fetching?

I’ve been updating the serie weekly (because new episodes had been releasing weekly). When I’ve been doing it on Mac, after I put the file (episode) in my shared directory then I just click refresh (sync, reload, I’m not sure) button on Home screen.

Have u tried deleting metadata cache?

No. And now I can’t check this - the double episode disappeared.

Stuck on episodes’ slider

On my Home Screen I have two sliders, the first one and with my series and the second one Recently added. When I click the serie “Re:ZERO” on the first slider, I see all my added episodes but when I click the cover in the second slider, my serie is shorted only to three episodes and I can’t scroll between them.

Is this a feature or a bug?

Beta 4 is up! :smiley:

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Thank you for your hard work!
But how on earth there is no more separate sections for recent movies and recent tv shows :(((
Everything is mixed:(
Very bad idea :frowning:
Who is coming up with ideas like this ?
From very clean and simple to understand and control INFUSE, to overthink?
And still no local hard drive, folder access:(
So basics:(

The Home Screen contains a default set of items, but you can adjust it to include just about anything you wish, and also adjust the order. :slight_smile:

Just tap the icon that looks like a list in the top right corner.

Fantastic Work! But still subtitles can’t be shown in PIP mode (whether on iOS or macOS)

Where can I see that Infuse is currently indexing? On iOS I see it at the top right corner where the circular arrow is. On macOS I can see it when I go into the new settings menu that is an overlay but can I see that it is actively indexing without going to the settings?

App looks amazing so far. One question… is there any way to disable the text for seasons? The posters I use have the season number written on them, so it’s not necessary in my use-case. (Example attached)

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I’d be fine with that. Since it’s been this way for all devices before v7, not specific to macOS, maybe make a suggestions thread.

I prefer that Infuse put the season text since some posters get way to “artsy” with the typeface but in your pic it appears that the Infuse season text is overlapping the poster. That is not correct in my opinion, it should be below the artwork completely.

Totally agree, it is fine as it is.

I wouldn’t mind if it were completely below the artwork, but on top of it just looks strange to me.
(Ideally though, users would have the choice for placing the text on/below the artwork, or hiding it completely)

Looks good, when mirroring from a mac to a television over Airplay, there is an error playing content. Possible bug?