Infuse macOS public beta - updated 5/5/21

Downloaded the beta 2 for MB M1. Great but films need about 10-15 sec to start and no airplay ((

Beta 3 is up and ready for testing. :raised_hands:

will you make real native, M1 chipset version?

Welcome to the forum!

Ok. Thanks.

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What exactly was updated with the icons?

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I just installed the latest beta 3 (3/26/21) and it noticed it buffers a TON… hardly watchable. I have very strong wifi in the house and my other devices work great with no buffering. (ipad/ios/appletv 4k)… suggestions? thanks!

Have you let it complete the first full scan, fetch and sync after installing it? I’ve seen Infuse lag a bit while this is going on in the background so maybe let it run a bit first?

yep! its all scanned from what i can see (the first complete scan caused a 24 hour google ban btw)

I don’t have a copy of the macOS version running but does it have the status messages on the library settings screen like ATV? It should show last synced date and time there I think.

latest update was 40 min ago… (screenshot attached)

Then you may want to submit a diagnostics code here.

side note… shouldnt my playlists sync up with the ones on my other devices? (or do i have to create new playlists just for macOS?)

This may answer that

ahhhh makes sense then… i presume iCloud syncing between macOS and other devices will be in the final release version… thanks

RE: the diagnostic code… just hit the email us … but i dont see a file in there…

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It should have given you a 5 digit code on the screen, that’s what you post here.

perfect… got it… KWMHC


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