Infuse macOS public beta - updated 5/5/21

New macOS build is up! :smiley:

See first post for details.

The search bar at the top of the thread can select just this thread to search through so it makes it easy to see if others have encountered this and if it’s been acknowledged as an issue or if the problem is to be ignored until a future build.

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Great! Is there a quicker way to get to the download link? The email with the announcement of the new beta links to the announcement post, which in this case is on page 393 of the topic. You have to scroll back through 393 pages to get to the post with the link to the download link. It takes a long time as some pages take time to display before you can continue to scroll back to the 1st post.

Or maybe there is another way that I am missing?

The download page is the same for all builds, so you can bookmark it for easy access.

Also, a little forum trick. You can get back to the first post by tapping the title at the top of the page. :wink:

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Ok. I think you can also klick on the slidebar on the right side where you can see the numbers of the posts. …/…
Then you can scroll very fast with a clicked mouse button and move the slider to the position wherever you want. Either to the beginning or the end. Whatever you want.

I hope I have understood your problem exactly

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Anyone else having issues with Infuse Beta updating. No problems across any other devices like Apple TV, iPhone or iPad, just the Infuse App on the iMac and Laptop.

I even left it open for say 30 mins just to see if it would update…Nope, no go. It used too, just not lately.

Can you elaborate on what you’re seeing?

FWIW, iCloud sync won’t work in the macOS version and the current App Store version of Infuse for iOS/tvOS.

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Thanks. That is what I am doing. The problem is if I am at 341 and slide the slider bar all the way to the top it only goes to 322. I have to wait until the intervening posts are loaded and the slider moves down a bit so I can slide it up again, and I go to 302. I have to do this some 20 times.

Title at the top of the page works.


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Hi James!

I read about the synchronization of playlists with icloud in the previous post …
regardless of this: while ios and appletv memorize the playback history, macos does not.
although icloud synchronization is switched on on every device, infuse on the mac does not remember where you stopped looking on the other devices.


The syncing limitations on macOS actually apply to all things related to iCloud, not just playlists.

These will fully start working again once 7.0 becomes available for iOS and Apple TV.

So is there any specific time when 7.0 of iOS is ready to test on TestFlight.

You will need to sign up to be an iOS beta tester, if you haven’t already. It was reset so even if you were a beta tester last year you have to sign up again this year

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Hi, big fan of Infuse here, and very interested in the development of the Mac App.

May I know if the Mac app is capable of displaying video in native resolution even if the display is in one of the scaled modes? Because on Mac notebooks the display is often in one of the scaled modes, which can cause unnecessary scaling if not taken into account.

This isn’t something we’ve spent much time exploring, but I don’t think we have the ability to alter screen resolutions on the fly.

However, videos are always played in their native quality and scaled automatically based on window size, so I don’t anticipate any issues here.

@James…I did ask this the other day, but saw no reply from anyone. Is Infuse for Mac NOT updating, either with shows added or shows being watched. If no issues, any idea why my setup might not be updating.

Everything is on the same network, other devices, no issues.


Infuse on macOS will not sync with the current App Store versions of Infuse for iOS/Apple TV.

Syncing will start working again once 7.0 is released.