Infuse macOS public beta - updated 5/5/21

The app will ONLY run on Big Sur and later (needs features from Big Sur)

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great for it to come! I will test more, but first impression:

  • not a fan of your take on Settings - I would go for usual macOS design
  • add preferences with its (cmd+,) shortcut to the menuBar
  • allow hiding and enabling sidebar in menubar (and overall play with menubar much more)
  • when sidebar is shown, it is not necessary to see "Movies, TV Shows, and Others in toolbar)
  • maybe add icons to the sidebar? Would liven it up
  • I wouldn’t use .sheet in macOS, doesn’t feel natural

Would be nice if similar to VLC you could double click on the video to make it go fullscreen when you start playing something.


James has already mentioned that the settings page is very much a placeholder for now - don’t worry!

On the .sheet thing - I agree, it threw me off a little when browsing my library.

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Looking great so far! From my first use, here’s some feedback:

  • As others have mentioned, the app need a volume control dedicated to the media being played.
  • The “Get More” subtitles feature is missing (or at least I couldn’t find it through the settings for the video), and is by far one of my favorite features of Infuse on iOS and Apple TV.
  • The lists in most of the Settings panes need some spacing or dividers in between the options; I found it difficult to distinguish what checkbox corresponded to what feature. Also the sidebar is a bit too large for my taste, even after dragging it to its minimum width.
  • This could be a taste issue, but some icons along the main sidebar (corresponding to Movies, TV Shows…) would be nice.
  • Is Cellular Download necessary in the General settings pane on Macs?

The experience is very smooth so far, but I look forward to sending along more feedback!


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I just install and play with new MacOS Infuse app, after add my Plex connection, just check the option and saw a little error.

Infuse Version: 6.5.3397
MacOS: 11.1
Language: Spanish

PD: Good job team, this app will be a good start on Mac platform.


Same here

Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.

how can I download?

I am also getting this error unable to download and had signed up for testing

First of all. Thank you for the opportunity to test Infuse on the Mac!

I found one little thing:
When you select PiP and the settings button stops working. You must close the player (not infuse) and when you play the movie again the setting button works fine … until PiP is activated




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Cannot add local folders, only files can be selected.

Working good in my Mac Mini.
Unfotunately no sound output with DTS on my Samsung TV.

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Diagnostics: 3BNTA

Love the MacOs Version all ready looks great,

Noticed that you cant select the playlist option in a movie unless you have first clicked on the 3 dots to the right first, ie Loop, Rate, Share etc

Would also be good to have some text to show what the icons do.

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All excited for this, but I’m on Catalina :rofl: Man I need to upgrade my machine asap.

Thanks it work now :slight_smile:

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Hi Guys,

The macOS application looks promising.

There are two things to enhance in my humble opinion.

  1. The settings menu integration in the menu bar with a separate settings window like the native macOS applications.

  2. The add files feature with the possibility to build a film library by adding local folders like the ones in the user s home folder in order to emulate the Apple TV application Library tab.

There is another thing, the choppiness of the 24 frames movies playback, but I think it is macOS Big Sur 11.1 related, since the upgrade to that OS, Quicktime and hence the Apple TV app have stuttering playback issues too, in Catalina everything was fine. I have in consequence to use VLC or iiNA to have the playback fluidity back. I tested this behavior with WALL-E 4K HDR and the fluidity sequence used by HDTVTest found between the 34:00 and 35:00 minutes of the movie and I have a 2020 13inch MacBook Pro with the base 10th generation intel core.

I guess I ll have to hook my 2018 i5 Mac mini sever on my TV to test it further out.


That s so cool to have Infuse on a Mac, thanks a lot FireCore to have committed to a such exiting project !

Bye for now

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Thank you. It runs fine on Mac.

The problem found is, Settings> General> General, and the upper text overlaps.

The files from the local folder fetch fine.
I have a question. If there are two or more seasons, they appear as folders, and if there is one season, the poster appears immediately.

Poster even if there are more than two seasons

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