Infuse macOS public beta - updated 5/5/21

Good points.

Regarding your last issue (.ASS subtitles), I have Infuse on Mac playing these subtitles perfectly - are there any quirks to your setup? I agree that for SRT subtitles it might be nice if Infuse added an option to choose a font from the Mac’s font library, but my .ASS subtitles work perfectly (even with embedded custom fonts).

Please see the updated instructions in the original post for those with existing forum accounts.

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I don’t mean to add to the fire, but for those requesting Catalina support, please note that this is an alpha version of the software. This isn’t meant to be the final version. Keep in mind that when the final version is out next year, hopefully a lot more institutions will have updated to Big Sur so that the community can use Infuse.

On a more technical level, I can’t speak for the codebase of Infuse itself, but I develop for iOS and macOS platforms. Big Sur does introduce a lot of features that allow minimal work to be done to port software from iOS/tvOS to macOS. That being said, this is no easy feat and you can imagine that a development team would want to focus their efforts on supporting the latest version of an OS for the first release of software on that OS.

Awesome job to the dev team on this and I’m excited to keep testing the alpha for weeks to come :sparkling_heart:


Thanks James, it works

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Can you clarify that ?

It seems I did not understood what you explained, I can’t reproduce the steps you mentioned.

Do we have to share something via smb first to access locally the contents of our library later ?

What a great job!
just wonder… If i connect my nas server in infuse at the ftp…erase files is good. Moving files would be better =) can be done ? i wanna sort movies in genre =)

I am getting the same exact glitch using the Italian language for the interface/system.

Thanks for that first version.
I know it’s mention already but I guess just in the middle…
It’s really important to have a way to define a local folder as a source ( with sub folders for movies, tv shows, …) as with a laptop you bring quite often the movies with you…

Thanks for it

nice, I succeeded. thank you.

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Hi, setup for macOS ends with Google API Ban.
Probably there is no timeout to prevent it, in the Mac OS version, please check.

Can you submit a report (as described in the first post) so we can look into this?

It works great !!!

Gemini Man 4K HDR 60 fps with Infuse for Mac from Plex WIFI ac connected. iMac Retina 4K 2019 i3 8gb 3.6 GHz Big Sur.

Same with MacBook Air Retina 2019 1,6 GHz i5 8gb.

No lag. Start fast.

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As from the title, the app doesn’t load content while sharing to an external screen with Airplay.

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Im loving this, of course a few bugs here and there, its alpha not even beta yet, but its going well, I just was wondering if in the future you will add the category of resolution as well? Ie 4k Full HD HD SD etc

Thanks for all your hard work guys!

not sure if its already been mentioned but the page scroll isn’t appearing for me making it hard to scroll through my media. other than that an amazing alpha build!

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You probably want to send in a diagnostic code if this occurs again as requested in the first post in the thread.