Infuse macOS public beta 6 - updated 4/16/21

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alpha is only for Catalina and later? or we can have a version for High Sierra in few days?

Looking pretty great so far!

Some amusing text on the settings screen:

(It’s backwards!)


It’s been mentioned that the Mac version will ONLY support Big Sur and onwards (due to features not present in earlier versions)


Big Sur is required

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This is a temporary requirement for the alpha builds.

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bummer :frowning: I cant upgrade my work laptop to Big Sur just yet… I’ll have to wait

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Good catch.

The whole Settings menu area is getting a redesign, so I wouldn’t worry too much about that just yet. :slight_smile:

Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private. I can’t download it and I received the link by email


I’m also happy for alpha version. Thank you very much for it! But I’m still on Catalina (because of bricking Mid 2014 MBP) :frowning: I’ll try to update soon and give Infuse a try.

have the same problem im registered since a while now and I can’t download it , got an error

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For those that registered, you should have received an automated email with info on how to gain macOS tester status on the forum.

If you already have a forum account, you can simply join the group here.


Thx bud , its working now

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Oh, wow. This is awesome. Saw the email a few minutes ago, I have already downloaded, my Trakt auto synced, all the metadata has pretty much finished indexing… Already love it.

Just skipping through some 4K files that I have stored on a NAS - working perfectly. Guess my MacBook Pro has a bit more processing power than my ATV4K but it feels so much faster. Well done guys - you must be thrilled. It’s excellent.

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I have the same thing happening to me.

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I wasn’t able to go back to the settings panel after clicking on the Sync > Trakt option.
The back button is visible but it wasn’t working.


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I think you are supposed to use an X button that is on the top right