Infuse macOS public beta 5 - updated 4/9/21

App looks amazing so far. One question… is there any way to disable the text for seasons? The posters I use have the season number written on them, so it’s not necessary in my use-case. (Example attached)

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I’d be fine with that. Since it’s been this way for all devices before v7, not specific to macOS, maybe make a suggestions thread.

I prefer that Infuse put the season text since some posters get way to “artsy” with the typeface but in your pic it appears that the Infuse season text is overlapping the poster. That is not correct in my opinion, it should be below the artwork completely.

Totally agree, it is fine as it is.

I wouldn’t mind if it were completely below the artwork, but on top of it just looks strange to me.
(Ideally though, users would have the choice for placing the text on/below the artwork, or hiding it completely)

Looks good, when mirroring from a mac to a television over Airplay, there is an error playing content. Possible bug?

I think there are video files that are not airplay compatible so some detail on type and compression codecs used may help. Also a diagnostic code may help too.

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Agreed, and in addition to this, is there any way to group TV show seasons to be listed under 1 parent show? For example, Ozark Seasons 1-3 under a single Ozark entity:

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These overlays will be removed and replaced soon. :slight_smile:

We’re also looking into options for season grouping as well.


Newest version running smoothly on my M1 Mac Mini.

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When will TVOS version 7.0 be released (and full syncing between MacOS and TV resume?)

Beta 5 is up and ready for testing. :smiley:

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Infuse 7 for iOS, tvOS, and macOS will be available on the App Store before the end of Spring.

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I don’t know you but still have often the same issu, the button play/pause doesn’t work all the time in the Picture in Picture.

I have one recommandation, is it possible to hide in the dock the main window when you enter in the Picture in Picture mod?

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We have a few PiP issues on our radar, and hope to look into these soon. Thanks!

Another think for the PiP, when you are in the PiP mode and you click on Cmd+ Q, you turn off the infuse application but it late open the PiP window.

Thanks a lof for this amazing application.

No possibility to have some screenshot of infuse 7 on Apple TV ?

Hey there! First of all, thanks for all the hard work put into the Mac version, it looks amazing. As a Plex user, I prefer using Infuse than the default app.

Just a few comments though, to make it even better:

  1. Some of us have a have a separate library for TV shows and Animes. It would be cool to have the possibility to separate the different libraries we have in the Home and Library sections (like in the “Folders” section). For now, everything is under TV shows

  2. Add the possibility to setup the way to watch a movie or an episode before starting it (define the subtitles, the audio, etc…) on the “profile” of a file

  3. Display more metadata on the profile of a show or movie: it would add a nice touch if we could see the pictures (if available) of different actors playing, like in the Plex app for example, and be able to click one to go to all the movies / shows of this actor (see screenshot below)

That’s all for me, I may have some other ideas in the future! Keep up the good work! :slight_smile:


Not related to this specific beta, but I noticed that my Plex playlist doesn’t sync. I mean, I can add them with no problem, but the content will never be updated. Even if I click the “refresh” button on the homescreen or when browsing the playlist, the content remain the same.